Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Excitement

Wednesday and finally we get to see the BMX at the Olympics.
Our younger son, now 25 raced BMX with a lot of these guys but especially Tanya Bailey and Nicole Callisto, (favourites in the girls event)
We all belonged to the same club.
He has also raced with Kamakazi, Luke Madill and I am not sure about Jarrod Graves, he is exciting to watch. Unfortunately Luke is already out of it.
The boys have made it thru to the semi's with the girls racing tomorrow too.

Its interesting that Tania and Nicole are both local girls and both live just minutes from us. Its awesome to know they are there.
We also know Ryan Bailey (no relation to Tanya)He rode in the Velodrome Sprint and Keiran events. He got Gold in Athens but was devastated to find his form is not what it should be. My heart goes out to him. I am sure we will see him again in London. We are in awe that we know 3 Olympians isn't that just awesome!!!!!

So Go! go! go! you guys, we wish you all the best for tomorrow.
These guys are really living their dream with it being the Inaugural BMX event at the Olympics this year.

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